QA in Healthcare

Throughout the wide experience of QSI, the Company has met and exceeded all the expectations and requirements of its International and Regional clients by:

  • Audit Customization: We spend time with you during the contracting process understanding exactly how you want the audits to be conducted.
  • Culture Alignment: All our auditors are mastering the local regulations and aligned with the local culture of each country
  • Auditor Experience: Highly qualified resources with many years of experience and several audits in different disciplines.
  • Reporting System: All audit reports are QC checked, ensuring a flawless report and meeting the timelines of our clients.
  • Strong Management: An experienced project manager will be assigned to your account (at no additional charge).
  • Competitive Pricing: Aligned with each country range and based on the scope of audit and needed experience / background of the auditor.
  • Geographical Coverage: Our staff are covering all the Middle East, Africa and Persian countries in order to meet our clients requirements
  • Flexibility of Audits: Timing can be adapted as per the requirement of the client whether it is a system audit or project specific audit.


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